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Body Image and Reality


I don’t have a negative body image. Honest I don’t.  I love the body I imagine I have. My legs are 3 inches longer, calves not so pronounced and my waist is the 24 inches it was when I was at university, I am curvaceous but proportionately so…yes I love the imaginary me I really love the imaginary me.

 I have issues with the real me. The real me hates shopping for clothes because nothing fits. Nothing fits because clothes manufacturers make clothes for the average figure and there is nothing average about me. Clothes manufactures make blouses to fit a C cup…I’m an F/FF. My body fits into 3 different clothing sizes 14, 12 and 16, so as you can imagine I never ever buy dresses because they only fit where they touch! Trousers are a nightmare…if they fit in the hips then they are way to baggy in the waist and I look like a sack tied up with a bit of string if I cinch them in with a belt…which is still, (despite my now larger waist) cinched in to the very smallest hole in the belt… that’s of course if the trousers reach my waist, because it’s difficult to get any trousers these days that poke much above the groin area as most trousers are low rise… I hate the whole buying clothes experience so much that I just don’t do it. Which means that eventually after years and years of wearing the same thing over and over again, you  reach crisis point…really I can’t go on like this, there is nothing left but my underwear…

But then you can buy clothes I guess and alter them to fit…but if you are going to go through that sort of hassle then you may as well make them from scratch? (Let’s put aside for now my fear of taking a pair of scissors to something I have just spent a large sum of money on).

So why not make things from scratch? Ah yes you’re scared of cutting aren’t you and you have lost confidence in your ability to sew…err, actually no, I’ve been slowly beavering away here with my sewing machine getting practice in plus the corset course made me feel much better about what I produced, it made me realise I’m not a complete dunce, I can do it if I slow down and take my time.

So? OK so I admit it. I am scared of the tape measure. I spent a large amount of time waiting for Little Red in the City to come out, pre-ordered it, couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and yet, 6 months on I have made nothing. I have made nothing because every single pattern involves you taking accurate measurements of yourself. I also have at least 4 Colette patterns plus my new book but I have made nothing, because I have to measure myself.

It is quite one thing to say you accept your body, that you accept the fact you have a backside the size of Norfolk and a chest that could put someone’s eye out if you turn to quickly…plus that roll of fat around you waist. You can accept it. You can then ignore it on a daily basis and pretend it isn’t so and live happily in your imagination with the body image you… But now…now I have to steel myself to cold reality. Get the tape measure out and accept the cold certainness of the figures I will mark down in my book…because otherwise I will be naked by Christmas.


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Cake Baker

3 thoughts on “Body Image and Reality

  1. it sounds like me and you have similar body shapes, I would love to have a plentiful supply of trousers that fit perfectly but they just don’t exist, if I buy something that goes over my hips and bum it’ll be too big round the waist and I’ll be spending the entire time showing everyone my knickers. And oh, for shirts and blouses to actually fit. Consequently I rarely wear trousers these days (whereas me wear a skirt when I was a teenager? never) and if I do wear trousers I stick to brands I know do fit ok, unfortunately they always of course tend to be expensive brands, Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, if I manage to find the biggest size they do, fit well and I’ve recently discovered I can fit into the largest size of Super Dry jogging bottoms and they fit well to (and both brands make my legs look longer, therefore detracting from the tummy that looks 4 months pregnant, or so I hope). I do wear dresses though, despite my ample bosoms, I’m a big fan of dresses as they require less thought when getting dressed in the morning, I’ve found Fat Face do nice dresses in not too clingy jersey – ish fabric, but clingy enough iykwim, so it looks like I actually do have a waist, even if it’s not a very good one.

    What is not helping my diet (which I am doing dismally at) is the knowledge that if / when I loose weight (7lbs lost in about 8 weeks, I’m doing this slooooowly, I really need to loose another 2 stone on top of that) it’s not going to help my wardrobe problems, far from it, as I doubt my cup size is really going to decrease much, so I’m going to be even more out of proportion.

    As for altering / making clothes, I do need to alter some clothes, I have a beautiful skirt from Boden that I’ve worn about twice because it’s too big but because it’s so beautiful (and so expensive) I am incredibly nervous about altering it. Also (and this comes on to taking body measurements) I have a couple of Clothkits skirts plus the purple cord skirt I made recently which are just way too big, so those need altering to. With all 3 skirts I made myself I took my measurements, had to sit down in horror, then gritted my teeth and made the skirt, only to find each time that when complete the skirt was too big. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I may have to get the husband to do the measurements, but I don’t particularly want to do that . . .

  2. Well done on the dieting so far…slowly is I guess the way to do it as it reduces the chance of it coming back… it was a clothkit skirt that made me diet last time …it’s taken a whole year for halfthe weight of it to come back… good luck with the rest… but yes there is little you can do about cuppage…but at least that bit tends to make others jealous !!!

  3. Why do you think I make so many clothes for children ? I have fitting issues too.

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