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What black hole did I fall down ?

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There is a rumour that I was so shocked by taking my measurements that I have lost the power of speech let alone the ability to type. I am pleased to say that is not the case as there have been so many other things going on that I’ve actually not yet had the chance to get the tape measure out.

No silence has been down to a much more fundamental but slightly more serious reason….

Here is a test for you. Carefully identify what I said and what I should have said out of the 2 scenarios

1.  Boy: “Mummy can I play with your computer ?”

Mummy: “Yes but make sure you leave your drink on the other side of the room on the book case”

2  Boy: “Mummy can I play with your computer?”

Mummy: “yes but make sure you don’t spill your drink”

A you can probably imagine from the above, yes Ms Ribena did meet Mr Laptop and no it was not happily ever after. Instead it involved my husband, a screwdriver, a spare replacement hard drive, a reload of data and a loss of all old emails, knitting patterns and photos stored on the laptop.

Spider is feeling a bit subdued…at least he was until he went down with a christmas flu…

Blogging will be a bit sporadic for the next few weeks as the rebuilt laptop is not yet up and running…tomorrow Spider and I have a Star Wars festival planned which involves a sofa, the duvet and all 6 films back to back

Wish me luck


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