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I sometimes think having a blog is a bit over-indulgent, a bit egotistical, a bit “not me” at least it would be if I actually thought that there was anyone reading it apart from my Mum, some real life friends and a few people I’ve met through the internet who have similar interests…

No this blog is for me and it’s so I can interact with other people with similar interests…sort of an individual internet forum and I get to visit other people’s personal space…and about sharing…

Which is a long way of saying that the lovely and talented Mrs Lacer made me a christmas card and it is fantastic…and it has skulls on it…and I don’t think I have any other friends who would put a skull on a christmas tree just for me…and possibly Mrs L’s other friends wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do… so I love the internet, and I love having a blog…and I love the connections you make.

Thank you also to Emma Pad Pad Paddy for the card it was fantastic  and it makes me feel awful that this year i am using purchased cards but I am being a swan this year (frantic paddling above the water to keep going and meet deadlines)…

Oh and cards from me despite being purchased are running late as half my addresses are still on old emails…which I can no longer access due to the ribena incident…and I’m so glad I’m not cooking or making presents this year as I think I would be about to meltdown due to a too large “to do list”…

ETA I haven’t met either Emma or Mrs Lacer (although I almost tried to hand deliver Mrs L’s card last week when work took me to her home town…except I had by that time lost her address (thanks Spider)) is all as a result of blogging


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  1. : ) : ) : )

    Glad you liked the card.

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