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I tried to do a post last night reviewing 2011 and looking forward to 2012 but WordPress wasn’t playing ball and now I’m living the next year the golden haze has somewhat worn  off last nights good intentions.

Last year my aims were:

– Re-learn to sew

– Learn to crochet

– Lose weight and make myself over

– knit more things for me

Most of these aims will have a post of themselves at some point in the next month…I think I’ve probably been 50% successful.

On the sewing aim I think I’ve moved from being a relearning beginner to intermediate and (thanks to a lovely girl) I work with I have managed to grasp the basics of crochet.

Losing weight just didn’t happen at all and as for knitting for myself well all those retirements and 40th birthday present meant that didn’t happen either (I spent the last hours of 2011 knitting like a demon to try and finish the last 40th present off )

So in 2012 I am going to be a little bit selfish, more things made for me and that does mean jumpers and other clothes (yes even some sewing). Losing weight is again a top priority (because mentally and physically I just feel like a slug)  and as part of that I finally took my measurements (now you know why some of the golden glow has gone !).

The unofficial aim of 2011 of knitting a sock  a month sort of worked (until September when it all fell to bits) if you argue it was really an aim to use up 100g of 4ply a month ! So I’m going to continue with that but this time it will be socks (because I don’t inflict them on other people).

I also want to try and complete the Vintage Style for Kids sewing but those e patterns are working out hard to print out to the correct measurements so I may take some liberties…

The garden also needs to be taken by the scruff of its neck and shaken into order…

I want to read more too…

But mainly, and this is why the targets are quite vague, I want to have fun…what with one thing and another last year it was quite difficult to have fun…but this year fun with the family and spending time together doing things (rock climbing again perhaps…it’s been almost 7 years…) takes priority.

Which means one thing…I need to be better organised !


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