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FO: Easy as Pie Bag Encore (The Bag Bible)


For some reason it has been 21 days since I last posted. Probably due to not having my own laptop and not wanting to upload photographs onto a borrowed machine.

Not that there has been a lot of “making” recently…almost everything I touch recently has been going wrong 😦 so here is something that didn’t go wrong and which I was so pleased with I made it twice more !

Once upon a time a girl wanted a house…but she was studying…and had a very low income…so instead she hung around Habitat and occasionally bought things for the house she would one day have and dreamed of dinner parties at which she would have a blue tablecloth and crystal wine glasses…

16 years later it was time to retire the blue tablecloth as the girl no longer had the sort of life that involved dinner parties and the tablecloth (being linen) creased and was hard to iron…oh and attracted stains more than a white shirt attracts bolognaise sauce…

So I recycled it  once


Three times

The pattern is from The Book Bible by Lisa Lam(U-Handbag) and in order are the Easy as pie Bag, the Flat bottom bag and the Pleated tote the bags provided wrapping paper for a Secret Santa present, a present for Spider’s teacher and the last one went as a cover for a bottle of wine for KTCupcakes (I also delivered her last years christmas present at the same time which was another Easy as pie bag in red and black)


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

4 thoughts on “FO: Easy as Pie Bag Encore (The Bag Bible)

  1. love love love that bottom bag especially! xx

  2. They look great! Specially the bottom one!

  3. you cannot say you can’t sew anymore when you so obviously can!
    Like them all .

  4. Thank you all, you lovely ladies…I was quite fond of the bottom one…I have a “thing” for strawberries so it was quite a wrench to decide to use the fabric and even worse when I gave it away !

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