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FO Fingerless gloves (Handmade)

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I didn’t make much this christmas, to be honest the day job was taking up so much of my time that I didn’t want the added stress of deadlines…but I did spend a couple of hours whipping up a pair of fingerless gloves (from the Handmade by Thompson and Badger) out of some left over sock yarn

I made them for Spider’s teacher as I noticed her wearing a variety of pairs over the last 3 months.

I’m not really into fingerless mits/gloves or arm/wrist warmers myself I do have a bit of a thing about gloves though…so perhaps I should try making a few different pairs this year instead of socks.

Trying to decide now whether I want to have a handmade christmas this year or not…if I start now it might actually be achievable for once and to not find myself on christmas morning desperately trying to finish things off and get dressed at the same time.


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One thought on “FO Fingerless gloves (Handmade)

  1. Ooh very nice! I personally like fingerless gloves / wrist warmers, ok in one respect they’re not the most practical thing in the world because cold fingers are far worse than cold wrists in my opinion but on the other hand at least I can use my phone without taking my gloves on and I am particularly in love with my pair (Monsoon from last winter) as they have bold, thick, multi coloured stripes, the colours of which go with both my purple and my olive green winter coats (so multi-tasking gloves). Also, with a bit of a dodgy wrist, although they were a bugger to put on for a while, once on I like the feeling of support and protection.

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