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A tiny bit in love

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I don’t often wish that Spider was a girl…I love him for what he is…which is very much a boy boy. But when something is as cute as the thing I’m making at the moment I do feel  a bit of a pang that I’m not making it for my own child.

If I can work out how to do buttonholes by the weekend then I may be able to put some pictures up of not only this cute “thing” but the cute pair of PJ’s I made…

In the meantime, should you want to see Spider looking rather spiffy then I urge you to pop over to Is it Finished Yet ? where he is modelling his “Victorian Era” look – today at school they were encouraged to dress up as Victorians and my wonderful Mum at 24 hours notice managed to whip up a fabulous waistcoat out of old curtains.  Let’s hear it for Grandma’s !


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

One thought on “A tiny bit in love

  1. thanks for the appreciation. Making things keep me out of mischief.

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