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Vintage Style for Kids : Progress Report

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I am finding this book “challenging”. The patterns as several users have remarked are not easy to piece together AND it is  my personal feeling that there are errors in the pattern over and above what can be put down to the lack of knowledge of an inexperienced sewer.

Because my main model (there are more girls patterns than boys) is much larger than an average 7 year old I’ve been taking this slowly and measuring the pattern pieces against her measurements before cutting out  and adjusting the pattern in length and size. That said some of the patterns have seemed small compared to standard measurements for a 7 year old.

My model unfortunately is now wearing age 11 clothes so I may need to reassess how I progress this “project” as I’m not sure I’m going to get a good fit with the rest of the girls patterns with so much adjustment.

Despite the lack of photographs and posts on this blog about finished objects I have so far finished:

  • a pair of girls pyjamas
  • the button through dress
  • the toothfairy pillow
  • my version of the laundry bag (will redo later following the pattern)
  • A pair of curtains, substitute for the duvet cover (we don’t need more duvets !)

I have just cut out the pattern for the Dirndl Skirt and, well lets just say I have “issues”. I’m going to adjust the length of each strip anyway as my 7 year old is tall. I am going to leave the width of each strip about the same as the pattern because the strips are gathered and the waistband is elasticated so I can easily adjust the pattern for my model’s actual size. However I am a little worried about the instructions…Tier 4 is a very very wide strip anyway but according to the pattern I’m supposed to cut 4 which would make the skirt incredibly wide at the bottom as tier 4 is 1.5 metres wide !

Fortunately I have a copy of Sew What! skirts which has instructions on the proportions for a tiered skirt so hopefully I can use this as a guide.

Hoping to get the buttonholes on the PJ’s and dress finished by the end of the week and make the skirt in time for my model’s birthday at the end of the week…then…then I shall concentrate on the boy patterns.

When I make the rest of the girl patterns I may just make the smallest versions  as after all I don’t have to make them for anyone in particular and I am mainly working my way through this book as a learning exercise on small things, learning the techniques…and in fact it is my fear that things might not fit my models which is slowing me down.

The problem is that if I do that I then have to add 5 more patterns in as I’d ignored the baby chapter on the grounds that I don’t know any small small children.


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