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My knitting is in the naughty corner. I made a mistake several rows back and in trying to correct it by laddering the stitches down have made an even bigger mess…oh well good thing I hadn’t planned to knit this weekend and instead was going to finish a skirt and finally do those button holes…

“what’s that Mr DFS ? You are going to deliver my sofas at the end of February and not  the middle of March…!!!”

On Friday I got a phonecall which completely derailed any weekend plans. Saturday was spent taking the living room to pieces and storing it in the dining room (yes my so called sewing space), Sunday has been spent painting the ceiling and eventually (after many trips to DIY shops to buy tester pot after tester pot) painting the walls…

Although the painting is now finished i won’t be able to get the sewing machine out until we have rebuilt the living room, but before that can happen Husband has to relay the floor and we are far too tired for that tonight…

The room though looks far too smart and formal for us…I think it may need someone to leave lego on the floor to make it feel more like home…


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