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The problem with resolutions

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Resolutions, at least making them, gives you that glow of virtuousness…which lasts right up until you find yourself faced with the need to uphold your resolution.

So it was last Tuesday when, having resolved that for every new project I wanted to start I should finish 2 existing projects, I found myself struggling with the desire to cast on something new and exciting when deep down I knew I should be sewing on buttons (have I mentioned how much I detest sewing on buttons…and don’t get me started on buttonholes !)

Sat on the sofa grouching away I consoled myself with a wee dram of whiskey and some chocolate and then remembered I had given up both chocolate and alcohol (except on Fridays)…bah !

So with much bad grace I dug out a sweater and without enthusiasm sewed a few ends in.

Next morning in a hurry to find something for the train I dug even deeper in the project basket and unearthed a sock…long abandoned when I could ignore no longer the fact (which I knew when I cast it on) that I didn’t have enough yarn to finish it… I grabbed the socks with a joy more related to the fact it wasn’t a “button” project than enthusiasm for the knitting…and headed off to work.

Result a week later:

Knitting: 3 out of 9 projects finished. Progress on 3 more

Sewing: 1 out of 4 completed

Crochet : 0 out of 2

So I guess resolutions can have their uses… even if I am hating having to be good and stick to them.


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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