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FO: The “Late to the Party” Jim jams


I hadn’t planned to join in the Pyjama party…and besides resolution 1 said I can’t start anything new until I finish 2 things…but last night after seeing the cute embroidery hemming on the bottom of Karen’s PJ’s I found myself fondling material…

Now we like PJ’s here at Being Frank and several “miniature” pairs have made an appearance over the last year…

Mum started it, she got “inspired” after reading my post about french seams. She decided to practice the technique and made Spider a pair of pirate inspired PJ bottoms…followed by 2 more


well, I couldn’t let Mum have all the fun could I…so I got busy


Then last month Mum upped the ante and made some for me…


and I wasn’t going to go there…I’m still quite happy making children’s clothes, I’m not ready for something me sized…or so I thought…Image

So that’s me then, dipping my toe back into the clothes making swimming pool…not ready to take my arm bands off yet…let me work my way through Sewing for Boys” and then I might tackle some of those patterns I’ve been hoarding…

Oh and these PJ’s make 3 things I’ve finished BTW


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Cake Baker

7 thoughts on “FO: The “Late to the Party” Jim jams

  1. Oh very nice. If you feel a bit blue put these on and you will feel much better.

  2. What a great way to get back to sewing! Cute PJs.

    • oooh, thank you. I like your idea of new bed linen to go with your PJ’s. Unfortunately blogspot doesn’t like me but this is what i tried to post on your post
      “Lovely PJ’s very spring like. And thank you for the book recommendation, I didn’t realise he had written one about New York (have read most of the ones about English locations)”

  3. Ooh, I sense a shopping spree at Fabric Land! I love the bottom pair of PJs – I have a summer dress made from that very fabric! 🙂

    • Thank you for popping by and commenting but thank you more for reminding me where I got the material from…I still want to make the wrap skirt I originally brought the material from…they also have a nice flamingo cotton which is calling me

  4. Cute! Skully pyjamas heheheheh time for a real live pyjama party methinks (you certainly have enough pyjamas there!).

  5. Holy cow! Look at all those PJ’s! So fun!

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