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The real skinny on the PJ’s (or lack of it)

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Because the PJ’s were a spur of the moment thing (spontaneity has a lot to answer for!) I was reliant on Stash…well there aren’t many fabric shops open at 11pm at night. Most of my material is in 1 or 2 metre lengths. Being a well built kind a girl (with a love of euphemisms) the requirements on the pattern envelope for a size that would fit me was 2metres plus some

Fortunately (and it’s not often I will bless this) I am a short a*se. My inside leg is 27inches…so by sacrificing a small amount in the length and a smaller hem I managed to fit both pattern pieces within the 2 metres – it was only later after looking through all the other lovely versions of PJ’s that I realised I could have added a contrasting waist band or PJ turnups and not had to compromise on the length…oh well learning curve I guess…

The other thing I learned whilst making my PJ’s was that Spider is a very intelligent and perceptive child. The conversation went like this:

“What are you doing Mummy?”

“Making pyjamas”

“You can’t do that Mummy”

“Why not?”

“Because you are still asleep”

During the course of slightly more hours than I’d planned I managed to mess up the centre seam by:

a) sewing it too close to the raw edges. Result – seam ripper/unpicking action

b)    Narrowly missed sewing the fronts together and the backs together – fortunately spotted that before I sewed

c)    Misaligned the first part of the french seam so that the front and back weren’t joined

d)    After deciding I could live with c), then managed to mess up the second part of the front seam by sewing too close to the first stitching so that the raw edges poked through

Result – more seam rip/unpicking action.

By this stage I had fallen out of love with the PJ’s so did a normal seam with zig zag finishing (my pj’s have 3 french seams and 1 not!) and I still haven’t cut off all the thread ends…bad girl!

Also, and this is the really bad thing, you see although my pattern was marked xs-xxl it only went up to medium with a 44 inch hip and really a big girl like me needs more hip room – although I planned to add more room at the hip I forgot…so although they do fit they are a bit more body hugging than I’d like and, although I accept my size I really don’t want a constant reminder of it from the feel of the fabric close to my skin…

 There will be more…possibly with piping…and contrasting fabric…definitely with 2 inches more room at the hip!

 Spider was right about me being asleep


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One thought on “The real skinny on the PJ’s (or lack of it)

  1. Ahhh! the perception! Sorry you have put yourself through that unpicking, but it’s all in pursuit of the “perfect PJs”, you’ll get there in the end 🙂
    Thank you for visiting my blog & leaving a lovely comment by the way 🙂

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