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FO: Strawberry PJ’s (Vintage Style for Kids)

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This was the first proper garment that I tried to make from Vintage Style for Kids and after the experience I would not have been surprised if it had been my last ! ( I will do a review of the book shortly but I thought it was about time I started putting up some of the things I have actually managed to do this year.)

 Now, I am a beginner in this sewing lark, but even I can recognise when a pattern is just wrong. When I printed the pattern out for the Girls Pyjamas, having taken great care to ensure that it was printing at the correct scale it was clear that there was no way the PJ bottoms would fit a normal sized 7 year old as they were far too wide and far too short… and aside from that my 7 year model was already wearing clothing that would fit most 10 year olds…she is a very tall girl !

I decided to abandon the bottom pattern and just make my usual kids pj bottom…the top wasn’t too far out but the pattern didn’t quite match the instructions, most notably on the buttonband… but I busked it and bodged it and ended up with something that just about worked.

And then… I had to do buttonholes…and no matter how many times I practiced I just couldn’t get the machine to do ones that I was happy with….my tension was wrong and so  became tense…and so the PJ’s became a UFO…

Then one night Flapjack Princess and her brothers came for a sleep over. At bedtime there were tears, the Flapjack Queen had forgotten to pack pyjama bottoms… Spider offered her some of  his (because he is a gentleman and hates to see his girlfriend in distress)…but unfortunately FP is so much bigger and taller than her Beau.

Inspiration struck as I remembered the half made PJ’s with their almost complete PJ bottoms. 5 minutes with a bit of elastic and a safety pin and the bottoms were ready. Let me tell you these PJ bottoms were a hit…so much of a hit that the lady took them home with her and it was another 2 months before her Mum returned them to me so that I could remove the safety pin and sew the elastic in !

After that I knew that I had to find a solution to my buttonhole problem…I took my courage and my patience in both hands and dived into the world of handsewn buttonholes.  I am not going to pretend that they were a pretty sight, they were lumpy and bumpy and decidedly grubby (a wash and a press helped) but they went better as I went on…and yeah I felt proud when I had finished.

I am therefore pleased to say “I made that!…but it took me 6 months “

pattern: girls vintage PJ’s from vintage style for kids

material: Strawberry polycotton, from Mo’s of rugby and red cotton from Royal Fabrics in Leamington Spa

New:  gathering, piping, sewing a yoke, sewing in sleeves, edging with bias binding



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