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A wedding, a waistcoat and a 4am return…

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We went to a wedding at the weekend…it was in Germany… we drove…it seemed a good idea when we booked the Tunnel tickets several weeks ago ! To get to the Tunnel on time we had to leave at 3.30pm just after picking Spider up from school on the Thursday…no point going to work so I took a day off…

I wanted to have a day for me, to knit and sew, but before I could do that there were chores such as emptying the boot of the car at the local tip…and finally visiting the local GP for those standard tests they invite you for periodically (ick)..then I cast on my October jumper and had several blissful hours of  2 by 2 rib…only for me to frog it all the next morning as I’d decided that it was too small.

The wedding invite implied come as you are…but I thought Spider should look a bit “sharp” so I made him a waistcoat…he loved it…he thought he was James Bond…it was unfortunately a bit shortImage

So I skimped on the finishing, used velcro instead of doing button holes and sewed the buttons on loosely so that I can cut them off later and reuse them.

The pattern is a historical Burda one that I have borrowed from my Mum (and will return after I’ve traced the next size up off, as my boy looks good in a waistcoat).

The material is mainly black lining fabric, I had a half metre acquired from the end of roll basket at Mo’s. The fashion material is some Halloween fabric I bought to make a fun skirt for me (Sew What ! Skirts) and then messed up by getting my waist measurement wrong.

Conclusion – this was a fun make, my boy looked good and he likes waistcoats. As for the wedding, well a fantastic time was had by all and Spider was an absolute star, he found a friend for life in the 7 year old son of the people we were staying with. They both spoke the international language of boy… however, when we go back next summer all of us intend to learn some german before we go (it would be polite)

Oh and possibly check traffic conditions before we set off home so that we give ourselves even more extra time in case of adverse travel conditions…despite being rerouted over what felt like most of Germany (bridge closed for repairs) and a major traffic jam outside Spa, we still managed to arrive at the Channel Tunnel only 3 minutes after our train left. Unfortunately it coincided with the Tunnel switching to 1 train every 2 hours with the next one being at 1.47am.

We got home at 4am…I ended up taking another day off, but there was no knitting or sewing this time, only sleep !

(apologise for all the photos…but my boy really did look sharp, he told me off in the church for the fact I was looking at him and not the bride and groom !)


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One thought on “A wedding, a waistcoat and a 4am return…

  1. Looks great . Just needs one for Christmas now. I suggest black velvet for the front. Very tactile.

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