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A couple of years ago I announced on the blog that I was turning myself into a Project and was going to try and shake off the shabby person I had become after having Spider…and then the subject was never mentioned again !

Well, it did happen… sort off… I mean I got off to a good start, I had a good haircut, a went for a proper bra fitting and I started an exercise regime.  All was going well, I had new bras, my chest area looked good, I started to loose weight, I even began to quite like my thighs…

Then disaster struck in the form of the next door neighbour cranking up the stakes on the dispute by issuing Court proceedings against us. Well that also coincided with a trip to France and a car boot full of little French lagers…and with ice cold lagers tend to go crisp and other nibbles and after 2 weeks without exercise it was very difficult to get back into things…the weight gradually crept back up and my hair grew and only the new bras remained.

This year with renewed intentions I joined a group on Ravelry called Gorgeous in 2012 whose aim was to try and improve their personal appearance over the next 12 months, to try to find the time to pay attention to their own appearance with a strong emphasis on either buying or making new clothes that assisted in this aim.

Well, I tried, I started out with a hair cut (which has since grown) but I just couldn’t find the time to be honest. I did however make good progress on the clothes side of things, in that Gorgeous in 2012 appears to have morphed into my own personal 12 in 12 challenge

I have pretty much kept up with this, apart from a slight wobble at the end of September when I lost heart at the prospect of making another jumper or cardigan out of 4ply yarn and this month when I got distracted by the need to make a hat for Spider…and now have 5 days to finish a jumper…which currently is about 3 inches long !

My 12 in 12 has been limited by the fact I’ve tried to use either free patterns or ones I already have AND I have been trying to use yarn that I already have. This would have been fine if I’d mixed things up a bit but foolishly I used all the DK up at the start of the year and by July only had 4ply left. Mum came to my rescue by providing some chunky yarn and a half made jumper for Spider she’d fallen out of love with, but that is the only 1 of the 9 made so far that has not been for me.

I have just bought some more yarn to get me through November and December…which will still leave some 4ply for next year…not that I’m going to do a jumper a month again, I really don’t like that sort of disciplined knitting.


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