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FO: Button Through Dress

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This was one of the more successful of my makes from Vintage Style for Kids . There were, as far as I can recall no real issues with the pattern (for once)  and it went together surprisingly quickly…in fact I felt quite confident for once, hey wow, yes, I can sew !

And then I reached the buttonholes…I still haven’t mastered button holes on Gary the Brother P31. Yes I know I need to practice but I wanted to finish the dress in time for Flapjack Princess’ birthday which gave me a week to put buttonholes in…

The week before I’d splashed out on a book about Couture  sewing techniques for clothes and coincidentally was browsing in the closures section (zips mainly) it was here I discovered hand sewn buttonholes, which I subsequently used much more successfully on the PJ’s…the initial ones on this dress were…er..not good…but fortunately when the buttons are done up you can’t see the bodge that I made of them…or the slightly over enthusiastic application of Fray Stop.

It took about 2 good washes to remove most of the Fray Stop and restore the somewhat grubby button holes to pink rather than grey.

I think this was also the first time I tried making my own bias binding, I loved the way it wrapped its way around the arm hole and neck creating a perfectly neat edge…gentle on soft little girl skin.

Unfortunately, despite lengthening the dress substantially it was still too small for my 7 year old model (who was in age 11 clothing by then) so I bought a pair of leggings to go with it and claimed it was a tunic.

I hoped I had learned a lesson from the lilac tunic dress I made last year and chose material which was easy to iron and didn’t crease as much as the linen did… unfortunately I decided to use lace I had to hand for the trim rather than buying some broderie anglaise… that lace trim will be a nightmare to iron

Pattern: Button Through Dress  – Vintage Style for Kids

Buttons: White and pink daisies – bought for another project but spare following a change of plan !

Material – end of roll curtain material (flower fairies) from Dunelm, inexpensive pink cotton from Royal fabrics

Thread – not sure, think it came from IKEA

New – Hand sewn button holes…using binding to finish edges…making bias binding…sleeves


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