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At the start of this year we painted the living room in anticipation of some new sofas. If you asked anyone what colour the room was they immediately said red as the sofas were big and red and dominated the whole room. In fact the walls were blue and cream, not exactly a neutral but it says a lot about how stronger colours can dominate ones perception.

These days what people notice most about the room is the extent of the lego and playmobil..and possibly the fact that we never actually finished decorating – the wood trim round the doors still needs to go back and there is quite a bit of touching up to do.

The previous sofas were the sort which resemble a pile of cushions stuck together. The new ones are brown leather and although much loved there have been complaints about the lack of cushions.

At present we have managed to find a home for 3 cushions. The first was easy as the lovely Mrs Lacer made me an embroided cushion a couple of years ago which fitted in perfectly with the new colour scheme (green and cream, brown sofas, wood floor).  The next 2 were a no brainer as they evolved from some materials lying around the house

The front of the cushions are 2 wall hangings, presents from Husband’s Australian relatives. We could never see ourselves framing them and hanging them on the wall but we didn’t want to throw them out so I backed them with some old curtaining (it’s reversible –  one side is sort of golden/cream and the other is pale green) and stuffed them with torn up stuffing from an old duvet. There is a double row of stitching as I fear (on the basis of the treatment the old sofa got) that these cushions will have a hard life !

But now I am stumped. I have 2 large cushion inners from IKEA which have been waiting for covers since the summer, and aside from knowing that I want to try some piping round the edge of at least one I have no inspiration…

Cushion making will have to wait though as one again I have to tidy the house in order to find the sewing machine 😦



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