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Through a swap some some time ago I scored some Louisa Harding angora…it was pink. A strong sort of pink but not a hot pink… pink crosses the threshold occasionally but has only once ended up as something for me. Usually it becomes something for someone else…

I think we should rewind for a second. Angora…yes Angora, sort as butter and as fluffy as the rabbits it came from… was I going to let the fact that pink is not my colour stand in my way ? (which reminds me  I really should talk about having my colours done at some point)…

No of course not… this was pink…and soft and gorgeous…and…only 2 balls…

Fortunately I have a small head…these balls were destined to be a hat. I need to be pink and soft and gorgeous, whats more, I deserve it (yes, really I do, I was a good girl all of 2011) and then…

Well, and then a friend was having a tough time, things were going wrong, her husband lost his job amongst other things…it was November (this is last year I should point out)…it was grey it was wet… and my friend S was stressing about Christmas…and mentioned that she wasn’t bothered about her birthday, it had always been swept up in christmas and it just sort of happened and really no one…well, reading between the lines, no one made a fuss about my friend S, a wonderful wife and mother to 3 children, a lawyer…

Well lawyers are used to the fact no one ever says thank you for us for doing the day job after all “that’s what we pay you for”…except of course our client’s don’t pay us…but I couldn’t have her getting away with letting her birthday be subsumed by christmas could I…and well, she does wear pink and looks good in it…

Pattern Rosebud by Ysolda Teague

Needles: 3.25 i think

Yarn:  Louisa harding kimono ? Not sure but it has a high % of angora

New: Nothing really, knit in the round and blocked…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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