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FO: The twirly whirly girly daisy skirt

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This is another offering from Vintage Style for Kids.  This pattern has required the most alteration from the printed pattern (basically, throw it away and draft your own !), but was the easiest to make once the patterns was sorted…aside from the pattern the instructions were actually (for once) clear and straight forward.

If you make the pattern for a 7 year old as published then you will end up with a skirt that it 5 metres in circumference at the hem…well I hear the Eternal Magpie with concerns about a 5m hem, so if it is too wide for her it really must be too wide for a 7 year old…all be it one who wears 11 year old clothing.

So I ditched the pattern and drafted my own based on Sew What Skirts tutorial. Essentially you need to decided how big you want the first layer to be and then work out the next layer proportionally to the layer above  (based on how much gathering you think you need). Because my 7 year old was bigger than most 7 year olds I also made my layers a little longer than the pattern originally envisaged.

the skirt in my head was made of lightweight denim with a silver ric rack trim…but because I was winging it here I decided to make a muslin using some cotton that had an accident in the wash…only when I brought t out from storage it wasn’t as bad as I remembered it, the daisies were still white rather than the pink  thought they had gone.

Not the best of photos I’m afraid but the skirt never came back for a rephoto and surprising though I find it, this skirt is actually one of Flapjack Princess’ favourites… I guess when you make something all you can see is the things you didn’t do right but all other people can see, if you are lucky is “look what so and so made for me, they must like me”…which is true…but  lovely though she is I am still too young to have a daughter in law…and I will still be too young when Spider is legally allowed to marry (in about 8 years time I beleive).

Pattern:  Dirndl skirt – Vintage Style for kids

material: red and white daisy polycotton – from Fabricland  think…. 1.4 metres for £8

Thread and notions:Elastic from stash, cotton from IKEA

New: Nothing really, drafting a skirt from scratch maybe ?



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