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A couple of posts ago I used as a title a phrase Husband often uses to describe what love is…it has been on my mind of late as this is the time of year we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Normally it involves all 3 of us having a weekend away somewhere…yes Spider comes too, after all he was sort of there at the ceremony so it seems mean to leave him out of the celebration and if it wasn’t for him we would probably never have got around to organising it in the first place, after all we’d been putting off doing anything wedding related for 18 months beforehand…

Anyway, this year we had planned to go and see the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff, but were unable to book a hotel at a price we wanted to pay due to the Rugby internationals…so we stayed here and had a chinese take away !

This does mean that I have a little bit of money to play with…well I did have until I was lead astray by Cake

But to get back to Love.  Love is…at least according to Husband…when someone else’s happiness is essential to your own…

and I think he may be right…


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Cake Baker

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  1. Fantastic info and superbly written. Keep up the good stuff!

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