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Spider asked me earlier “what’s your revolution ?” “No more housework, ever !” I replied. “No” said my son “it has to be something that makes you better”

Well, no more housework would certainly make me feel better but I guess I should choose something a bit more virtuous.

OK then, as of lunchtime tomorrow the whole family is on a diet, as in eating healthily and better rather than bread and water and no fun (see Appetite for cake for details later), there will be more outdoors…there will be gardening…there may be home grown vegetables.

Beyond that I don’t want to go. As I mentioned the other day the 12 in 12 challenge stopped being fun about half way through…I don’t like such strict rules.

I will try to knit from what’s upstairs under the bed as I’m trying not to spend money this year. Likewise sewing will mainly happen from the material stashed in the big Chinese box, which currently has the Christmas tree on top of it…

I am going to sew clothes this year…mainly for me…it may involve doing the same pattern several times (Do one thing well rather than learning lots of new things)…I will keep on with Sewing for Boys and Vintage Style for Kids but try to slow it down…I’ve just finished sewing a fantastic shirt pattern but got bored towards the end (there were 17 pieces, can you believe that 17 separate bits to sew together !) and rushed it which means that the collar and button bands are rubbish but the rest is  “pretty awesome..for me”

I have lots to blog about in the new year, once I get some pictures taken as despite this blog being quiet for most of the year I have actually been quiet because I’ve been busy making things…there is also a blog makeover going on here (slowly) and over at “Appetite for Cake”

AND…I need to work on the “Mum” side of things…the other day Spider cast doubt on whether we could have a good time together as “you are a bit too fabricky”… and then 2 days later he told me I had to make a hat for his teacher to stop her being cold…I possibly will never get the “Mum” thing right…but then hopefully I have time to work on it…


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