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1001 excuses to not do

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I can’t sew tonight…the Christmas tree is on the box I keep my material on…and it’s too heavy to move

I can’t sew tonight…I need to trace the pattern off and there’s not a clear space in the house…

I can’t sew tonight…the sewing machine is still in the bathroom…where we had to move it as we had so many people round for Christmas dinner we had to move it out of the dinning room…

I can’t sew tonight…there’s no where to cut out unless I clean the kitchen floor first…

I can’t sew tonight…as I have to take fresh measurements first…and psychologically I won’t be up to facing the tape measure until the end of the month…

I can’t sew tonight…my fabric needs to be pre-washed first…

I can’t sew tonight…it’s my turn to cook dinner…

Yes I know, all just procrastination…not one of these is a genuine obstacle…and if I tackled at least one of them a night by the end of the week I’d be sewing…good thing I’m starting the Tirimisu Sew a long on monday then…

(ps. I pre-washed some fabric last night I’d taken out before the tree went up, and I’ve got another small piece of jersey washing over night, I traced a pattern off last night for a baby sleep suit as a tester for knitting jersey/knits…I also cooked dinner whilst Husband took the tree down and moved the sewing machine back into the dinning room… we have friends round at the weekend so the floor will be clean by then…so really there’s only 1 thing stopping me…OK there’s 2 as I need to buy ballpoint sewing machine needles).


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