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Wardrobe Audit…in the red

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I haven’t taken the Seamless Pledge. I haven’t needed to because I have been living it for the last 4 years. I don’t think it was ever a conscious decision its just that whilst we were dragging ourselves out of debt (from the rebuild, the redundancy, the neighbour dispute and having to replace cars) I could never justify spending money on myself…apart from the occasional pair of shoes, tights or pants…oh and 5 bras when I was remeasured.

Credit side

That is not to say that there haven’t been some additions to the wardrobe…mainly these have been things picked up in charity shops, cast off from friends and the occasional gift of t-shirt style tops from my Mum when she has become exasperated over her daughter going to work looking like a bag lady…oh and self knitted jumpers.

Debit side

Periodically over the last 4 years I’ve  had rushes of blood to the head where I’ve purged the wardrobe of things that don’t fit or I’ve decided don’t suit me either in style or colour…but these purges tend to be a lot bigger and more dramatic than the slow incremental gains and have usually led to both Husband and my Mum screaming at me “for god sake buy some clothes”.

(I hate buying clothes…as a teenage girl from the late 80’s I was permanently scarred by the fashion back then for communal changing rooms – urgh !)


So  when today I decided to do a wardrobe audit (prompted by this post…and my Mum’s recent photograph on Facebook showing her empty wardrobe after removing everything that no longer fitted her following a successful year of weight lost) it should have come as no surprise to discover that I pretty much, have no clothes…and what I do have is mainly very very tired, has seen better days, and frankly I’m bored with.

I am well stocked for jumpers and cardigans after the 12 in 12 challenge. I own 4 pairs of trousers, 2 of which are black, 9 skirts, 3 suit jackets (without the rest of the suit), 5 dresses (4 of which are definitely party wear), and a variety of tops, mainly of the t-shirt style variety (all well washed)…about 52 items all told, not including underwear, accessories or shoes (which are also pretty minimal)…

So this leaves me in a bit of a quandary.

This year for us is all about “not buying”. We are planning on having our long planned Naples or Rome trip this year, but only if we can save up enough money from getting rid of the stuff we don’t need and not wasting money on things that are not essential (we also need to find the money to replace the car…again!). We are also getting rid of clutter, this house was designed to fit this family but for some reason it’s just not working, we are constantly shifting piles of junk from one part of the house to another…

But… I am about to hit a very serious clothing crisis as what is left in the wardrobe is about to fall apart…and work wise I possibly might not look as professional as a lawyer should…

What’s a girl to do ?

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