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FO: The “no more 4ply PLEASE” sweater (September)

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Since this jumper has actually been worn and seems to be loved by its owner it seemed appropriate to post it today…and it is colourful
 whereas Cria, the February sweater is a) grey  and b) hard to photograph on grey winter days… So…here is Spider and his sweater…





Pattern:  Can’t remember, think it’s just a Sirdar pattern for a boys jumper

Yarn:James C Marble, Chunky, a present from Mum who started knitting a jumper with it but stopped when her hands started hurting

Unfortunately after the day out in the snow (Friday), Spider came down with a cold and spent the next 2 days feeling sorry for himself on the sofa and sharing all his germs with me…so I’ve been feeling sorry for myself too.

Tiramisu is on hold (on the naughty step)…I just can’t get the front bodice right oh and I’ve run out of the blue thread I was using…and I’m now too scared to go to Fabricland in case I buy more material…it was payday on Friday and I have already sewn the sheep fabric up into a pair of PJ’s…

On the sewing table is a black shirt for Spider (from the Sewing for Boys book) but I may have run out of black thread too…the safest course of action this week may be to knit something but I seem to have lost the urge 😦


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