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It is now about 15 days since I last did any knitting…on the first day of flu I managed to finish this028

which is now performing an essential function in my daily wardrobe…it hides the cotton wool sticking out of my left ear…

I still have half the ball of yarn left so I am undecided as to keep the hat or to knit something else with the yarn, which may involve unravelling the hat to finish the other thing off…I haven’t sewn my ends in just in case… this hat will be quick enough to make again…and to be honest I’d rather have something that doesn’t remind me of these last few weeks.

In other news the skirt is slowly heading towards the cutting table…this evening before collapsing on the sofa I managed to measure me, measure the traced skirt and make the amendments that appeared necessary…mainly cutting 3 inches out of the length, I’m a short a*se being only 5ft 6 inches…my body is long but my legs are in the petite category (length wise you understand, width wise I’m larger than average !).

Tomorrow I’m on a training day in Birmingham, so who knows, maybe if the course finishes at a reasonable time I might commit “cutting out”…  Don’t watch this space….and please, please, don’t hold your breath !

A sensible person would sort out some yarn, needles and a pattern for the train wouldn’t they ?


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Cake Baker

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