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Frankly Speaking: Toys


Sometime ago I got a text from a friend with a photo attached. The text said “Do you think you would be able to recreate this for Cookie”. Attached to it was a photograph of a knitted and smiling octopus…

Of course being an everloving Godmother I texted back “by when ?” instead of what deep deep in my heart I was thinking which was “NO !!!!”

Now it’s not the knitting I have a problem with but the making up…You see even a simple toy has at least 3 seams. Something like an Octopus has hundreds  (remember, at least 8 legs plus a body…and then you have to sew a face on to it) and it really really breaks my heart to see a knitted toy in a charity shop being sold for a couple of £s…no one really appreciates the amount of time it takes to do the knitting or the hours it takes to sew the thing up and then hide all the ends…knitted toys really are a labour of love.

Anyway so there I was with a promise to find the pattern for the Octopus or try to reverse engineer it in time for Cookie’s birthday and if possible could it be pink and navy.

Ravelry informed me that the Octopus in question was based on a Jean Greenhowe from her Toy Collection book…this took some tracking  down and it was looking like it would cost me £5 for the pattern plus postage (this is the cost before buying the wool) when  I had a bit of luck and Jacksons in Reading sold me their shop copy.

So a few (quite a few) hours later after some busy knitting with pink and navy wool I had a pile of bits…2 months after I finished knitting I finally forced myself into turning these bits into a  sewn up and stuffed toy


Pattern: octopus from Jean Greenhowe’s toy collection

Yarn: patons diploma gold in cerise and navy mainly

Needles: 3.75mm

New: Nothing…

So I delivered the Octopus to Cookie for her birthday together with a gift card for Claires Accessories and you know what ?  In the 4 months since I’d received the text she’d moved on…she was now into Owls…!

So this is why I don’t make toys for people and I don’t buy birthday presents in advance for children…because their interests are usually very short lived…!


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

4 thoughts on “Frankly Speaking: Toys

  1. Awww that looks lovely (and a nightmare to stitch up).

    My mother-in-law is a knitter but hates stitching up so much she gets a friend to do it.

    • I wish I had a friend I could smile sweetly at and they would do the making up for me…what normally happens is the article will sit there for months until I finally accept the fact that the “making up fairies” do not exist…then I bite the bullet and just do it… I don’t have quite the same issue with clothing…except where sewing buttons on is involved !

  2. I feel for you, all that work, relax you did your bit

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