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The lost…the found…and maybe later in march a giveaway


The small thing  I  lost is my Cria cardigan…I put it to one side on Saturday to photograph so that I could post about it on Monday but the safe place  turned out to be far too safe and I now can’t find it…hoping it hasn’t accidentally gone through the washing machine…if it has then the big thing I’ve lost means that it will not be quickly replaced…

The big lost thing is my knitting mojo. I’ve not knitted a thing since the 28th January, actually that’s not true I did frog and reknit some cuffs but that’s it. There’s hardly anything that needs finishing and I just can’t find the enthusiasm to start anything…

…hoping that these losses are temporary…

The found are not really found, but they make me happy.  I came back from work yesterday to find 3 patterns from Sewaholic – I went on a small shopping spree the other week to cheer myself up after such a horrible February – spurred on by Tasia’s birthday discount. Today, waiting for me was Cake pattern’s Pavlova…oh and the sun was found by last !

The sudden influx of patterns to this house has started to get me a bit jittery as last year I purchased 4 patterns from Colette and as yet haven’t  made a start on any of them, and that’s on top of the Colette sewing handbook and Gerties book…I don’t know if it is a streak of puritanism or a streak of miserliness but I feel guilty about spending money on things if they don’t then get used…or possibly it’s just I fear clutter which is why I don’t really want to build up too big a stash of yarn, fabric or patterns.

ve never bothered doing giveaways on here as there isn’t much blog traffic but I am vaguely thinking of possibly the occasional giveaway of things surplus to requirement, that someone else can find a better home for…

Possibly first to go will be  kids casual pattern  Style 2845 which is for tracksuit tops and bottoms for boys age 2-7. I think it is all there and all the sizes still intact, I’ve not investigated in full, possibly inherited it from Husband’s ex-wife…It’s surplus to requirement as I have a Burda pattern in slightly larger sizes for the same sort of thing…



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3 thoughts on “The lost…the found…and maybe later in march a giveaway

  1. Maybe your knitting mojo and my embroidery mojo have gone on holiday together somewhere, somewhere with really cool craft shops, as my embroidery mojo disappeared at the end of January to, don’t think it liked moving house, again. I’m currently trying to occupy myself with using as much of my scrap basket as humanly possible and have a patchwork cushion cut out and ready to stitch plus I’m hand sewing a suffolk puff quilt (having spent the last year or so hating suffolk puffs).

    Good idea about the giveaway, I don’t have that much blog traffic either (if you discount the people searching my blog about the cursive alphabet and olden day telephones, sigh) but I think I may need to do one to, to get rid of some stuff.

  2. I think what the lack of mojo is saying is that we both need a holiday, a break from the grey – wasn’t yesterday lovely incidently all that sun and the greens and the blues and the yellow flowers – and now we are back to the grey…maybe the mojo’s can come back, grab us and take us off to see the real cool craft shops !

    I assume you spent the last year hating suffolk puffs because you were making so many of them in order to then sew your quilt or are you puffing to order ?

    • I always thought suffolk puffs were a little too ‘frilly’ but I was rereading a Jane Brocket book the other day and she had a suffolk puff quilt and it was definitely not frilly, I liked the simplicity of it or perhaps what I really like is the excuse to cut up more small bits of fabric. So I’m puffing as I go, I’ve cut out about 50 circles and now I’m doing about 15 puffs at a time then sewing them together.

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