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In the pink

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It’s Sunday morning. I am sitting here knitting. Knitting with pink wool. This is a protest. Admittedly I am the only one who realises it is a protest…and there is also no one here to see it, but nevertheless it is still a protest against this house full of testosterone !

Later I have plans to cut out a skirt…also in pink…but to do so I will have to go back on part of the other part of my protest…you see I am knitting at the moment, I am not tidying the house. I have declared Sunday an official day of rest….

Why am I protesting ? Thank you for asking… I am protesting because the boys (apart from Spider) are at Silverstone doing something motorsport related. They set off early…so it was not until about an hour ago that I realised that they had failed to stack the dishwasher and clear up after their barbecue last night. The kitchen is a tip..the kitchen that I tidied up yesterday…

So sod the housework, someone else can do it !!!  (Except there is of course no such thing as the housework fairy, but a girl can dream !).

Also, I’m not really awake, having been woken at 2am by a small boy with the runs…he’s fine now…but I probably need to put the washing machine on later…oh and buy some toilet roll…sorry, too much information I guess…but doing the washing is only to get rid of the smell…it’s not housework

But for now, I knit…later I will clear the cat hair off the landing and vacuum…but only so I can cut a skirt out you understand, not because I want the house tidy…it’s not housework.

I know, I know, if I actually want to sew the skirt up I will have to tidy the dining room up so I can get the machine out…

See, even when I want a day without housework it still creeps up on me

But for now I’m knitting…and it’s pink….I don’t even like pink really


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    Love this idea, knitting protest 🙂

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