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Lazy Sunday

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Last night I finally freed the sewing machine from where it was temporarily hiding whilst I redecorated the dinning room…AND I woke up early this morning…so of course I am busy sewing away right ?

er…no…sorry am hiding upstairs with a pint of tea whilst Spider is lost in Middle Earth courtesy of his Wii…

Have decided I deserve a day off from being Mum. I have been a single Mum for most of the week as Husband is having fun at Le Mans (he might have his other 2 boys with him but that doesn’t count as “parenting”, the eldest is 24 and the other one is almost 18) and to be honest the week has not been the best for me as amongst other things I had to replace all 4 tyres on the car…

So I’m in bed with my laptop, tea and a couple of podcasts…every 40 minutes I nip downstairs to refill the tea…oh and do some paint stripping on the dining room door (ok so perhaps I haven’t quite got the concept of “Lazy Sunday” mastered !).

I will get up after Desert Island Discs (Hugh Laurie – saw him in concert last week in Oxford)…promise…I may even join Spider in Middle Earth for a bit (even though he thinks I’m useless and keeps coming over and taking the controller off me)…later I may tidy the house…but, so sad, I can’t do that until all the washing draped over every radiator and door is dry 🙂  (it’s raining outside and I don’t have a tumble drier)…

and sewing ?  Well look I did finally hem my PJs (made in February) last night…and I would have finished a bag off only I need to find the right shade of thread…I’m not procrastinating for once I am just mentally blocked…but I’m getting through it 15 minutes at a time

Maybe I should just recruit Spider to take some pictures of what I have done over the last 12 months and not blogged…then at least I would have something to waffle on about whilst I get through the contents of the UFO basket (Guilt is the cause of the block)…but that will mean cleaning the house first as the rain means outside pics are not an option…but getting Spider away from the Wii possibly won’t happen

You know, I think I’ll just stay here in bed after all…


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