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“Hey, Currantbun, where you been ?”

“Nowhere…just busy…”

“Busy Knitting ?”

“er…no…not really”

“sewing then ? You finally got to grips with that sewing machine of yours ?”


“So what have you been doing ?”


“What burlesque like ?”


“But you do them corsets don’t you ?”

“Er…yes…sort of, but no, not been making lingerie or strutting my stuff”

“What exactly HAVE you been doing ?”


door 2

Hmmm, so that doesn’t look very impressive does it ? Maybe I should have taken a before… here’s the one from upstairs which hasn’t been finished yet….

door 3

When I was last on these pages I was looking forward to a day of peace and quiet and listening to Desert Island Discs…well it didn’t happen. I wanted a day of not doing, instead I was required to organise, sort, arrange and generally be in charge…so I did…

And then on the Monday I took a day off because I needed a day where I wasn’t needed or wanted or expected to sort problems out. O Mighty Tim was back so I didn’t have to be Mum, I didn’t have to be the one and only parent. The boss was also back so I didn’t have to manage. I took a day off, a day to be me.

I’d like to say I knitted or sewed but my head needed something I could do that was because I wanted it done and that would have a clear and successful physically apparent outcome so I stripped paint off the door ! It helped that this door has been the source of irritation for a number of years but more importantly I was in charge and answerable to no-one… yeah, I know control freak…this tendency comes out most when decorating is involved

Unfortunately that was probably the only day in the last year that I can count as a success…ok that may be an exaggeration but it has been one long stress fest ever since including but not limited too…

– Stress of the accidental pass the parcel sew along (post to follow)
– Packing from holiday
– The loss of Even Bear
– O mighty Tim’s job issues and him being bullied at work

OMT’s job worked out in the end though as he sorted his problem out by finding another job, better paid, 25 miles closer to home and with a more prestigious firm.

My job however came under threat almost as soon as his sorted itself out. The people I work for announced more cuts to the tune of 1700 axed posts. This has been a source of on going stress as, having announced the cuts, management were very slow in producing the plans. However tomorrow I should find out where I fit in to this brave new world.

In the meantime the job itself got busier. In September the hearings for a certain London project started. I had been helping head office out on it for several months and was due to bow out as they had a new starter. Unfortunately the colleague I had been helping out was diagnosed with breast cancer so instead of me taking a step back I was plunged even further into the London project whilst at the same time the planning law side of my own job suddenly woke up from its 3 year dormant state and I found myself prepping for 2 planning appeals of my own in addition to the London project.

In December the boss suddenly announced he was having a week off and I ended up with team leader responsibilities in the run up to Christmas – meanwhile the winter weather became a storm event, everything became priority and I ended up in tears at my desk wondering out loud what priority they wanted me to do first…!

Yep 2013 sucked… been hoping 2014 is better…am feeling slightly more balanced


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