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For one reason or another I seem to have spent most of this year with unselfish knitting…pretty much everything seems to have been for someone else…especially hats.

Considering that I am a knitter it is surprising how few hats I actually own…and I complain about the short comings of the ones I do own…possibly because if I’ve been making it for someone else I’ve ripped back mistakes whereas with my own I’ve just left it…which is stupid really as with my own hat I will constantly be reminded of my mistake…

So I’ve decided on a mission…admittedly partly motivated by an ever growing mountain of left overs that I am going to make a hat a week from now until the end of the year…


This is “who ?” based on the Kate Davis Owl pattern…bit scared…I’m making something for me that’s not red… the yarn has done quite well so far, it’s left overs from an Adelle Cowl I made at Christmas, then it made a Butterflies hat (last week in fact as this is week 2) and now hopefully I’ll have enough to finish Who…making the child’s version on the grounds that I actually have a small head… nothing to do with the fact I may or may not be playing chicken with the end of the yarn…I think I may be losing…


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