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The on going GIVEAWAY !!!!

It’s been busy at work recently. The run up to the end of the financial year always is for us as our client departments suddenly realise they have money leftover in their budgets and can squeeze a planned project in this year rather than waiting until next…but if they are working in partnership they have to have a collaborative agreement in place …”hello Legal, any chance you can draft me an agreement before monday/tuesday/wednesday…”

So it has been a relief to have a day off to wait in for a delivery…and then half way through the morning I got a nice surprise when the postman delivered me a pattern I’d won in someone elses Giveaway. Now I don’t enter may giveaways because I’m more of a lurker than a commentator so I feel very very lucky to have won (will talk about the prize later)…and I think it’s about time I had a giveaway.

It’s not really a giveaway it’s more a “can anyone find a home for this and love it better than I did !”

The item or item will go to the first person who emails me or comments below offering to provide a home. Also there is no deadline…I don’t get enough traffic on here to do it any other way to be honest…

First up the St Denis  Magazine Premier Issue by Veronik Avery


I bought this in 2010 as it was the only place then that had Ysolda Teagues long Vintage Button Gloves which  I think has since been published in Whimsical Knits 3…

Second we have the Burda Magazine January 2013 from which I have made a skirt (yes I’ve actually sewn something !) but can’t honestly see myself making anything else out of it


and finally there is Style 2845 which is a boys pattern for “sporty separates to mix and match.  I don’t know a lot about this to be honest it was probably published in the 1990’s as Husband’s ex wife passed it on when Spider was born.  It has sizing from age 2 to age 7 . There are 20 pieces total, I’m afraid I don’t know if they are all there.  It’s  for a hoodie a jacket and track suit bottoms or shorts. Recommended fabrics are knits, jersey or sweatshirt fleece.

007If you are interested then please provide contact details and let me know which item you want…I can be reached from the comments below or   currantbun AT appetiteforcake dot co dot uk