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Missing: Have you seen this bear ?

july 2009 001


Even bear was last seen at some point between  1pm on the 11th August and 7pm on the 15th August… he is much missed by all and we would love to see him again… can you help ?



Progress…kind of…

The weather has meant lots of time for knitting and less time spent travelling. Have made real inroads into those WIPs…I have also shared in one boys single handed aim to rewrite history so that the romans (playmobil only) were the “goodest guys in history”…

Anyway, of the big items I have managed to get myself out of a rut on all of them, admittedly have frogged one of them (with intentions to redo with a better yarn) and have fallen back in love with Spider’s hoodie so much so that if it wasn’t for the game I suspect I’d be concentrating on this one and the others would fall by the wayside…it’s yummy, or as yummy as something made from cotton can be !

The game has forced me to sew up lots of small things. The booties now just wait for a small loop of elastic and the icon doll has become a pile of body parts rather than small curled bits of knitting. The biggest improvement has been in the “Gentleman Bear”. He went from being a bare bear to being “granddad Bear” as you can see from the picture below the waistcoat, slightly too small trousers and rumpled, tie-less shirt makes him look as if he wouldn’t be out of place leaning on a spade in an allotment and sucking on a pipe. definitely a granddad in the Clive Dunn style

Since this morning I’ve attached braces and given him a bowtie – Husband says he now looks “slightly dangerous” in that “Man about town/on the pull” sort of way…just wait til I finish his jacket with his snazzy yellow handkerchief !

I hope to spend most of this week playing the game and hopefully finishing some of the pairs. In the meantime I finally have some Finished stuff to blog about as some of my friends and relatives have been sending me photographs.