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Accepting my failings

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In the mire aka bogged down

I am now at the start of my 5th week of being ill and the house is beginning to suffer.  I have always said that I don’t mind untidiness but I hate dirt, and this house is beginning to look very dirty indeed…after all I have an almost 8 year old boy and 3 very fluffy cats dirt monsters all 4 of them.

The male side of this household isn’t quite as concerned by the fact the house isn’t clean, their minds inhabit higher planes where Lego and motor sport  reign.

I can only manage a little, the occasional toilet clean, wiping a surface in the kitchen, before I need to sit down and rest – I tried vacuuming the floor (brushing it first to collect cat hair) and washing the tiles  downstairs…motivated mainly by a desire to cut out a skirt admittedly… 30 minutes cleaning led to 4 hours in bed and the rest of  that saturday evening on the sofa…

I am feeling swamped by dirt dust, clutter and unfinished things.

The good news however is that I am now able to sew and knit again so in my own small way I am trying to get the house organised.  I am going to tackle the WIP and the UFO’s. Once again I am restricting myself to finishing 2 or 3 things before I can start something new. I say 3 things as some of them really are quite small, as small as sewing on a button in fact !

Yesterday I sorted out Cria’s buttonhole issue (buttons too small for buttonholes…note there are 21 of them !)…pictures of Cria coming soon I promise, after all it’s been finished since April last year…I’ve also reknitted the cuffs on my hot pink Cowl top (not yet blogged), been a bit obsessive over those sleeves as this is the second time I’ve reknit the cuffs.

Next up buttons on a par of small baby shoes…I’m also trying to finish a skirt off and a top I’m making for Spider..only I’m not sure if these count as UFO’s as they’ve both been cut out since the new year…I guess they are WIPs, as my definition of a UFO is something that was started over a year ago…

These baby steps to clearing the clutter makes me feel a little better…and this morning I need some sort of boost as my chest is full of phlegm yet agan…and the new antibiotics the GP gave me to try to sort out the ear infection (which is not improving) leave a permanent strange taste in my mind.

Anyway, sorry for whinging, but I needed to get this off my chest (unlike the phlegm which I can’t shift)…and besides it’s my blog !


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An Empty Space

The owner of this blog has been reported Missing In Action…she was last seen about 2 weeks ago as she headed downstairs muttering something about “time to sort out the lego…”

During the day sighs of exasperation were heard as lego was sorted and organised…the last reported words were a desperate plea “I need help” as she enlisted the male members of the household into the rebuilding project…

The men of the household (OK Man) have been drowning in a sea of lego ever since but are believed to be finally reaching the  shallows and can feel the ocean bottom under the waves of plastic bricks..

…of the blog owner there is as yet, no sign

In a recent interview the Man of the household stated that he thought he saw her on friday night disappearing into the garden but had heard no more after a skip was delivered to the front of the house…

If we have any more news we will bring it to you, but viewers, the outlook is bleak…

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Today I have:

1. Finished off a hat for a friend joining the merchant navy – half was knit last night whilst babysitting for neighbours until late which is why doing anything today has been a struggle

3. Finished off the last of the pirate tote bags promised to work colleague – note the lining involved getting the sewing machine out.

4. Tidied the dining room so I could get the sewing machine out.

5. Bagged some books up for disposing in 4 different locations

6. Done the ironing – again so the dining room was clear so that I could get the sewing machine out

7. Cut up a sheet as dusters and tester material for patterns – the sheet was about 20 years old and was still going strong until Spider went to bed with a pot of silly putty/slime… we had to cut it out of his hair, had hoped it would wash out of the sheet – I was wrong !

8. Cleaned the kitchen

9. Cooked a roast (which is why I cleaned the kitchen…)

10. Tried to make a bag – I  had the material, a space to sew and a machine – it’s just I’ve managed to misplace the book…

I know, I know, road to hell is paved with good intentions etc etc. Well it is only 7.30pm so there is still time – in the meantime I refer you to no 3 above…I’ve done “a” seam, ok it was still only a small one but I’m sure it counts, doesn’t it ?

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My day off

Normally when I have an unexpected day of freedom I end up tidying the house, because sad to report it does make me happy to have some sort of order in my life.  Last monday was to be different. OK I did anticipate perhaps a bit of tidying as this was the state of my “work table”Not good. All down to trying to do too much at once due to a sense of panic that I am not going to get everything done by Christmas – so time to take stock, organise, prioritise and do some of the stuff that cannot be done at work or travelling by train.

So I took a day off on monday to tidy a small corner of the house and to start finishing things off and planning christmas, from scratch this year as I’ve lost my “5currantbun’s Handy Christmas Planning” book (mainly the christmas card list), except I didn’t do any of this.

Instead I sat on the sofa with a poorly boy who didn’t want to do anything much except cuddle and watch some DVD’s. It was a highly enjoyable day as Spider is very good company, even when he’s ill, probably more so when he’s ill as he has more of a tendency to do as he’s told then, so I get less cross…I also did a lot of knitting, unfortunately not Christmas knitting, as I’d just remembered that it was Flapjack Queen’s birthday…immenently !

Anyway, kind Husband took pity on me on Saturday and took the boys Christmas shopping to Leicester and left me with orders to “do what you want to do”  and no, that was not the cleaning (I have that to do now when I finish wasting time on the net). So I have a tidy desk, I’ve finished a few things, planned a few things, have a new card list and the first batch of cards in the post.

More importantly I am feeling, calm, serene and dare I say it, a bit more organised…I am also feeling poorly due to cuddling on sofa for 12 hours with a boy with a runny nose.