Being Frank…

Accepting my failings

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In the pink

It’s Sunday morning. I am sitting here knitting. Knitting with pink wool. This is a protest. Admittedly I am the only one who realises it is a protest…and there is also no one here to see it, but nevertheless it is still a protest against this house full of testosterone !

Later I have plans to cut out a skirt…also in pink…but to do so I will have to go back on part of the other part of my protest…you see I am knitting at the moment, I am not tidying the house. I have declared Sunday an official day of rest….

Why am I protesting ? Thank you for asking… I am protesting because the boys (apart from Spider) are at Silverstone doing something motorsport related. They set off early…so it was not until about an hour ago that I realised that they had failed to stack the dishwasher and clear up after their barbecue last night. The kitchen is a tip..the kitchen that I tidied up yesterday…

So sod the housework, someone else can do it !!!  (Except there is of course no such thing as the housework fairy, but a girl can dream !).

Also, I’m not really awake, having been woken at 2am by a small boy with the runs…he’s fine now…but I probably need to put the washing machine on later…oh and buy some toilet roll…sorry, too much information I guess…but doing the washing is only to get rid of the smell…it’s not housework

But for now, I knit…later I will clear the cat hair off the landing and vacuum…but only so I can cut a skirt out you understand, not because I want the house tidy…it’s not housework.

I know, I know, if I actually want to sew the skirt up I will have to tidy the dining room up so I can get the machine out…

See, even when I want a day without housework it still creeps up on me

But for now I’m knitting…and it’s pink….I don’t even like pink really


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Clearing a space in my mind

Before we went on holiday I had several posts planned about various things that have been happening recently plus some actual finished items -but they didn’t even get as far as drafts because just as the drama with the neighbour sprung into life things started going a bit wrong on a project at work, at the same time as I was initiating a rare bit of civil litigation (possession proceedings at work).

So although we had a good time away I wasn’t totally relaxed as I knew I would be coming back to a full inbox, the possibility of proceedings on the front door mat and 2 stressful situations (a project on the ropes and issuing proceedings to remove people from Agency property).

This week has been very tough, wall to wall meetings and coming home too tired to do anything, even knit – which is stupid really as knitting would help me deal with the stress… plus I’ve been feeling totally overwhelmed by the housework, paperwork and the laundry (thank you fairies for giving me breathing space on thursday)…oh and my laptop turned itself into a brick swallowing 5 years of photographs of Spider and all my family history research…

I need space to think. To get the order of things right so that I can start to solve problems proactively rather than firefighting the whole time… I cleaned the top part of the house…now my bedroom is clean and tidy and ordered I am calm, I am knitting…I feel as though balance has returned to the universe…

Ps Islay, tell Skye that Auntie Currantbuns is happy again and a knitted  monkey should be with you by Friday and I may drop it off personally.

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House Cleaning

Today is meant to be the wettest day of the bank holiday so we have decided as a family to spend it indoors trying to create some order out of chaos…yes, it’s time to clean the house, declutter and finally find permanent homes for all the objects that have taken up residence on the stairs (which everyone seems to ignore rather than taking them upstairs where they are meant to be !).

Oh and ironing…which I’m leaving ’til last so that I can move seamlessly on from the ironing to some sewing (I need to iron the fabric)  which will be my reward for the housework…if we have any energy left. Things here have got  a bit out of hand…

So have a nice weekend everyone I’m off for my appointment with Mr Muscles…