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Accepting my failings

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I have the flu. The problem with the flu is that it means different things to different people. Certainly Husband originally thought I was after a couple of duvet days and avoiding the long commute south. By the Wednesday however when my temperature shot though the roof and my mind was clearly the otherside of La La land he quickly changed his mind…I think in view of the fact that he’s been off with the flu since this Monday and discovered that any attempt to move involves Olympic efforts that he now has a different definition of what the flu means

So I had the flu, starting on the Friday after work, lasting all weekend and supposedly peaking on  Wednesday. I was not capable of anything, couldn’t read, couldn’t knit or sew, didn’t have  the attention span to watch television. On Thursday I still felt rough but thought things were improving by Saturday I was actually thinking that I might be able to make a useful contribution to family life by sorting out the playmobile that I’m hoping to sell and get some money to go towards our longed for Italian holiday… but whilst sitting on the sofa drinking the first tea of the day I had an excruciating pain in my ear and then pretty much it exploded ! My ear started leaking fluid and kept on doing so. On Sunday whilst the family slept (5am) I drove myself to the A&E at Warwick where a nice man explained that the infection of the flu had led to a secondary infection in my eustachian tubes and that they had blocked, fluid  then had nowhere to go and had burst through my ear.  I left with a dose of very strong painkillers and some antibiotics for the secondary infection.

On the Monday I took myself along to my GP who kindly signed me off until the following Monday  explaining that drip from the ear wouldn’t resolve itself until the first infection had gone.  It is now Wednesday and things are just continuing, I still can’t read knit or sew, typing this entry is an effort but at least  I can now concentrate on TV so I am not too bored.  My nose is still full of snot and the first infection doesn’t seem to want to let go.

You may be wondering what about Spider. Where is he all this ? Well the first week was OK because Husband was upright and mobile and able to deliver Spider to his grandparents, ensure he had clean uniform and lunch. But with husband taking to his bed it became apparent that we needed major help. Fortunately my lovely  Mum and Dad who have been pillars of strength through all this have invited him over for a week long Sleepover…to be honest I don’t think he is missing us…

My  time on the sofa (during the day we can’t both use the bed upstairs to be ill in) has been made more comfortable however by some cushions I made before Christmas using this tutorial from Jo over at Today We Made


as you see they go quite well with the Gnome on the Stump cushion that Mrs Lacer made for me.

So there you have it, life at Currantbun towers is not particularly fun at the moment but is at least bearable…and we are just waiting for a recovery.