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Note to Self: Don’t forget to stuff the owl

The other night was hot, we were sleeping with the window open, and in the distance through the still night air I heard a peacock call and it brought back some memories…

Memory 1: Warwickshire 1993. I’m lodging with some old friends, one of whom I also work with. As usual I’m the first one up. I go down to make tea, feed the cats… I open the curtains and find a peacock looking straight back at me…turns out the people in the big house opposite have them and one escaped.

Memory 2:  1997. I am working for a firm of solicitors down near southampton, commuting from Reading. They have a skeleton office staff on saturday morning. Me. 7am and I am on the M3…I pass a swan walking down the fast lane…

Memory 3: 2006 heading back from Banbury after a morning at a soft play centre I spy an owl in the middle of the road…it looks dazed and confused as its obviously not used to being awake in the daylight…with more emotion than sense I stop the car, the Owl lets me move it to a bush at the side of the road.

Birds have been on my mind of late…since Christmas I have made a Robins Egg hat, an Owl sweater, a Hollyburn skirt with the most fantastic bluebird print (and Fabricland have the same fabric in 3 different colourways…yay! They also have peacock and flamingo themed fabric or did I may have bought the shop ) and this evening I am stuffing an owl…with plans for a second before the week has finished.

Note: As I sat here drafting this I realised I was being watched. This evening I came home and found feathers all over the kitchen floor but no sign of the inevitable dead bird…several hours later I noticed a blackbird being everso still and scared perched on the curtain rail…fortunately O Mighty Tim was able to persuade it to leave out the living room window



FO: Free Owlet

My son is getting married…apparently…at some point in the future…and I will be staying at home to look after his children. He and Flapjack Princess have it all worked out. They will live in the house next door, the one between Currant Bun Towers and Flapjack Heaven…don’t think they consulted Mr and Mrs W though who currently live in the house !

So thought I’d start the way I intend to continue and have knitted my future daughter in law a jumper for christmas…except I actually think this is a quite a nice jumper but then it is another Kate Davies design(like Manu) so how can it not be…

Pattern: Owlet, the child version of the owl jumper

Needles: 6mm circular

Yarn: I have no idea what this was. A work colleague donated a bag of wool to me, most of which was this pink chunky acrylic. Until I saw Owlet I had no idea what to do with 400g of thick pink wool (this house is male dominated remember). The yarn looks better as a jumper than it does as a ball and knits up very very soft.

New: Knitting for my daughter in law…oh and I’ve never mixed embroidery and knitting before but I didn’t have 28 matching buttons in the house (there are 14 owls all who need eyes) and I haven’t been out for awhile.