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Creating Chaos out of…chaos…

May here at Chateau Bun is one long round of birthdays, especially as we sometimes celebrate Spiders birthday in may too on the grounds that the weather is better  (if your birthday present was 2 days at Legoland I’m sure you’d rather celebrate it in may than march !)…So I guess we’ve been kinda pre occupied.

Add to that being lost in DIY hell… at Christmas we realised that we had been back in the house after the rebuild for 5 years…so perhaps it was time we finished tiling the bathrooms and the kitchen…but before we finished tiling the kitchen Husband decided we needed 2 more cupboards from IKEA…but then we got the flu… and then after we built the cupboards Husband decided that we needed to reseal the wooden surfaces…

In the meantime I’d arranged for a furniture restorer to take away a family heirloom…a 4 ft x 4ft x 120m chest of drawers to be stripped and restored whilst I painted the dining room… of course the delays to the kitchen tiling meant that it all happened at once so the dining room (where I sew) has been out of commission since before Easter…and  I have been less than popular with the rest of the family since I moved the contents of the dining room into the downstairs bathroom meaning that for a short time we became a 1 toilet family !

Work has also been pretty stressful as pretty much my whole caseload turned litigious just after Christmas…and then the boss went on holiday for 2 weeks and I had to “act up” in his absence….

So to be honest I haven’t been “feeling the love” when it comes to knitting….I’ve lacked inspiration…and as for sewing…well I’ve been feeling a bit blocked due to body issues ( I went back on the Matt Roberts programme which eats into knitting/sewing time) plus I still haven’t finished that 3rd bag…partly because the sewing machine is in the bathroom…partly because  I have a mental block…it’s hard to finish things when you no longer feel the love…

Anyway…new month…new attitude… especially if Husband finishes regrouting the floor in the dining room so that I can put everything back together again



Make Over Me

Last night the boys (Husband, Teenager, Spider) left me alone in the house with Matt Roberts and went bat hunting on what is known in our village as “the yellow land” (land donated to the parish council and now used as a sort of wildlife reserve). Mr Roberts gave me a damn good seeing too and after he had finished with  me I took my hot and sweaty self into my third shower of the day.

Now before you all gasp in horror and say “poor Husband, how could she do this to him and in their own house” I should point out that although Matt is a fit personal trainer type I did not actually have the pleasure of his company, merely his book Fat Loss programme. This book is the only thing that seems to make an impact on my lard ass, I have followed it on several occasions over the last 10 years and I do manage to stick to it for the whole 8 weeks.

Usually I spend a week gently easing myself into it…this time I just jumped straight in and as a result I’ve been in agony for the 4 days I’ve been doing it…I know it will get better, but since Day 4 is a rest day it’s a perfect excuse for staying inside today and knitting (“cleaning, sorry couldn’t possibly I’m in pain…pretend to be a Damsel in distress ? Only if I can do it lying down Spider, my legs ache…).

I don’t follow the diet plan, I just cut out all fattening food, eat regularly and no alcohol for 8 weeks. I find drinking enough water difficult (I don’t like cold water) and somedays I have to vary the exercise to fit what I’m doing – take yesterday for example, I spent several hours running after a “Roman Knight” around Kenilworth castle and ended up with blisters so I just did the resistance training and stretches figuring that the events of the day probably added up to at least 25 minutes cardio.

In case you are wondering what a post on diet and exercise is doing on what is predominantly a knitting/craft type blog I should perhaps explain that I have turned myself into a “project”. I have given myself a year (read “impending 40th birthday) to get my weight back down to something I can live with  and to transform myself into something less scruffy. I have ignored myself for 5 years now. There is not enough time in the day to do everything and if you want to spend time with loved ones and hold down a fulltime job (plus 4 hours commuting everyday) then something has to give. In my case its been personal appearance plus a devil may care attitude towards cleaning…last weeks marathon cleaning was preparation for hiring a cleaner, trying to get the house into the sort of state that a cleaner would be willing to tackle.

Getting a cleaner is due to the fact that Husband has a new job which will mean that he too will be commuting down the M40 daily (and spending less time in the house) . New job means slightly more money, we also happen to be much much less in debt than we were 18 months ago so we can take the brakes off a bit and treat ourselves to something meaningful…and Spider should get more time with both of us without me getting grumpy because I can’t see the floor !

ps there will shortly be a new page on the blog dealing with the progress of the makeover so it won’t intrude on usual knitterly progress again !