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Unravelling: A touch of moth

From time to time I have read blog postings by knitters detailing problems with moths and steps taken to protect their knitted creations from the ravages of these greedy little insects and I’ve laughed and thought “that’s a bit over the top surely”.

This morning however as I crossed the dining room I noticed a recently (March) completed jumper hanging to dry. This is a particularly nice hot pink creation which when I wear it makes me feel better about myself…horror, I noticed a hole and on closer inspection can only conclude that it must be moths

And then as I stood there watching my gorgeous jumper start to unravel I started to think about all the things I still have to do in the  days between now and Christmas….and  I felt myself slowly unravelling too…

This is what happens when you have had a week of stress plus a late night at the cinema watching the Hobbit, small things get blown out of proportion. I know perfectly well that all I need to do is spend 10 minutes with a needle and do a bit of grafting, that’s the rational part of me, but unfortunately I don’t think the rational part of me is in control.

Have booked a days leave. To sleep and to write a plan and some lists and tick things off down to a manageable level… and at some point I will think carefully about what precautions to take against moths.