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Spring cleaning…and a bit of sulking

Happy Easter and finally Happy Spring…it’s been so long I thought we were in for Endless Winter…ok it’s still not exactly warm but it’s getting better.

I probably should say “hello again” and “how are you all ?”. I hadn’t intended to be away for almost 2 weeks but I sort of got caught up in things and the next thing I knew it was the other side of Easter…

So the last time I was here I was bemoaning the temporary shattering of my skirt dream…well what do you do when you have your dreams shattered ? Er, well sulk for a few days and then try something else, something you know will work. Yep, did that…only that went and bit me on the backside too (it was another skirt)…so I sulked some more …and then did something I knew would work as I’ve already made 2 of them…and it doesn’t involve me having to wear it and look in the mirror.

The problem is the more I have made of these the less happy I have been…in fact I think I got it right first time with this…even if I did make a mess of the binding…ok enough blathering…I am talking about THIS129

So this is the outside…or it might be the inside because THIS is the reversible Bucket Bag from The Bag Bible…only I didn’t have enough of the polka dots so the outside also has a left and a right side128

and then this is the inside or possibly the outside130

The polka dot version was made April 2012 and then in July I made it again as a present for Spider’s teacher….



So then I started making a third version is September as I still wasn’t happy with how I attached the binding…only this one was made with that denim/Camo fabric that I used for the Treasure Pocket Trousers  (aka the trousers of doom)…the material that broke my machine… this third one has not been a happy experience at all and it’s taken a lot lot longer than it should because I’m just not having fun…or I wasn’t…it’s been pretty much finished since December, apart from the binding…

The binding, which also forms the handles is 50mm bias binding…not sold in many shops and where it is the colours are limited, so you have to make your own…and that is just not a fun experience…at least making the larger size isn’t as it’s not as easy to make as the narrower which work quite well with tutorials such as this...

Anyway, after having my butt kicked by the second skirt I decided to try a bit of spring cleaning in all areas of life and bit the bullet and made the bias binding. The bag is for a friend so I will post about it later when it finally gets delivered…which hopefully will be after I have found my camera…which is currently buried by the other thing I’ve been doing…which can wait for another day…


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FO: Easy as Pie Bag

Last Sunday night I made most of a bag. I am sad to say that it’s taken me most of this week to make the bag straps which is all that I had left to do (thought about them monday, cut them out Tuesday, ironed them Wednesday, ignored them thursday, went out for dinner friday etc etc).

Saturday night I sat  down at the machine and forced myself to spend the 10 minutes it took to seam them  and attach them to the bag…strange isn’t it the way you can put off doing something which takes less time than cleaning your teeth properly ?

Feeling happy with myself for doing it despite the fact the topstiching wobbles all over the place and the boxed stitching isn’t square…feeling relieved actually as I’ve finally  started using my craft books instead of just looking at the pictures

Pattern: Easy as Pie Bag from the Bag Bible by Lisa Lam

Material: An old Bed sheet and the remains of a roller blind ! As mentioned before I wanted this one just as a “rough” sample – partly to break me of the fear of my machine, partly because I want something to measure myself against to see how far I can improve in a year.

Thread: Because I want to clearly see how bad I am I have used orange polyester which I have a lot of (I may explain why one day).

New: Boxed stitching to attach the straps, closed bag straps…

Encyclopedia: This is practicing a standard straight seam

Time Taken: 2 weeks of moaning about it, actual time to make the bag just over an hour.

Photo to follow after about 11am on sunday its almost midnight here, far too dark for pics !

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Signs of Procrastination otherwise known as “Lesson 2”

Those who know me will recognise delaying tactics when they read them so it’s pointless denying it and calling this entry anything else…

I have decided to concentrate this year on learning to sew using The Encyclopedia of Sewing Techniques by Jan Eaton (a charity shop find) and a recent purchase which I’ve not yet plucked up the courage to start The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam which I had on pre-order, 0h and Homemade for a bit of variety away from the sewing.

My self-imposed Lesson 1 was the DIY maintenance on the sewing machine. Lesson 2 involved creating a list of recommended tools from the 3 books, collecting together all these items from the various rooms of the house they’d ended up in and collating them in my lovely new sewing box (present from my Mum along with some goodies – she’d treated herself to a subscription to Sew this year and I benefitted  from the gift).

No picture I’m afraid, and no picture of any of the knitting I’ve finished off recently as we’ve had 3 days of grey ‘orrible merk again but the Box is my colours of black white and red (and cat hair, like everything else in this house).

And then, feeling guilty about not actually doing anything (creative I mean, I’ve been tidying the house on and off)  I spent the afternoon practising handsewing reminding myself about Basting, Uneven Basting Stitch, Running Stitch, Half Backstitch, Whip Stitch, Backstitch, Overcasting, Prick Stitch, Blanket Stitch, a Bar Tack and Tailors Tacks – also tried and made a mess of Diagonal Basting Stitch…

By that time I was bored and will try and find something that uses hemming, slipstitch, tailors buttonhole stitch, blind stitch, herringbone and felling stitch.

The next 13 pages are “seams” some of which will probably get used in The Versatile Book Bag…alternatively I could procrastinate some more and sort my fabric stash out as Lesson 3.