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FO: Pikkuveli

I love Pikkuveli…I’ve loved Pikkuveli since the first time I saw it almost 5 years ago…unfortunately I forgot children grow and I almost missed my chance because I a) couldn’t decide on what colours to use b) was waiting for the right yarn…

Last summer I bit the bullet, bought some cascade, cast on one wet weekend in Brussels and pretty much kept knitting until it was finished… but then spent too long chosing buttons…

I’m not going to say anymore, I’m just going to let Pikkuveli and Spider  say it all

pikkuveli 1


pikkuveli 3

pikkuveli 4

pikkuveli 5


pikkuveli 2


Pattern  Pikkuveli by Suvi Simola

Yarn  Cascade  220 in grey, navy and bright light blue (can I just say I love love love this yarn…it is a pleasure to knit with)

New:  Can’t remember as I finished this August 2012…possibly the Icord buttonhole band…not the slip stitch sleeve  honeycomb pattern as that was used in an Ysolda Teague pattern, possibly cain…

Unfortunately Spider is almost too long/tall to wear it…however his handknit jumpers have a long life as pretty much every boy in the street ends up having them passed down to them…I feel that my knitting is loved !




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The on going GIVEAWAY !!!!

It’s been busy at work recently. The run up to the end of the financial year always is for us as our client departments suddenly realise they have money leftover in their budgets and can squeeze a planned project in this year rather than waiting until next…but if they are working in partnership they have to have a collaborative agreement in place …”hello Legal, any chance you can draft me an agreement before monday/tuesday/wednesday…”

So it has been a relief to have a day off to wait in for a delivery…and then half way through the morning I got a nice surprise when the postman delivered me a pattern I’d won in someone elses Giveaway. Now I don’t enter may giveaways because I’m more of a lurker than a commentator so I feel very very lucky to have won (will talk about the prize later)…and I think it’s about time I had a giveaway.

It’s not really a giveaway it’s more a “can anyone find a home for this and love it better than I did !”

The item or item will go to the first person who emails me or comments below offering to provide a home. Also there is no deadline…I don’t get enough traffic on here to do it any other way to be honest…

First up the St Denis  Magazine Premier Issue by Veronik Avery


I bought this in 2010 as it was the only place then that had Ysolda Teagues long Vintage Button Gloves which  I think has since been published in Whimsical Knits 3…

Second we have the Burda Magazine January 2013 from which I have made a skirt (yes I’ve actually sewn something !) but can’t honestly see myself making anything else out of it


and finally there is Style 2845 which is a boys pattern for “sporty separates to mix and match.  I don’t know a lot about this to be honest it was probably published in the 1990’s as Husband’s ex wife passed it on when Spider was born.  It has sizing from age 2 to age 7 . There are 20 pieces total, I’m afraid I don’t know if they are all there.  It’s  for a hoodie a jacket and track suit bottoms or shorts. Recommended fabrics are knits, jersey or sweatshirt fleece.

007If you are interested then please provide contact details and let me know which item you want…I can be reached from the comments below or   currantbun AT appetiteforcake dot co dot uk


The lost…the found…and maybe later in march a giveaway

The small thing  I  lost is my Cria cardigan…I put it to one side on Saturday to photograph so that I could post about it on Monday but the safe place  turned out to be far too safe and I now can’t find it…hoping it hasn’t accidentally gone through the washing machine…if it has then the big thing I’ve lost means that it will not be quickly replaced…

The big lost thing is my knitting mojo. I’ve not knitted a thing since the 28th January, actually that’s not true I did frog and reknit some cuffs but that’s it. There’s hardly anything that needs finishing and I just can’t find the enthusiasm to start anything…

…hoping that these losses are temporary…

The found are not really found, but they make me happy.  I came back from work yesterday to find 3 patterns from Sewaholic – I went on a small shopping spree the other week to cheer myself up after such a horrible February – spurred on by Tasia’s birthday discount. Today, waiting for me was Cake pattern’s Pavlova…oh and the sun was found by last !

The sudden influx of patterns to this house has started to get me a bit jittery as last year I purchased 4 patterns from Colette and as yet haven’t  made a start on any of them, and that’s on top of the Colette sewing handbook and Gerties book…I don’t know if it is a streak of puritanism or a streak of miserliness but I feel guilty about spending money on things if they don’t then get used…or possibly it’s just I fear clutter which is why I don’t really want to build up too big a stash of yarn, fabric or patterns.

ve never bothered doing giveaways on here as there isn’t much blog traffic but I am vaguely thinking of possibly the occasional giveaway of things surplus to requirement, that someone else can find a better home for…

Possibly first to go will be  kids casual pattern  Style 2845 which is for tracksuit tops and bottoms for boys age 2-7. I think it is all there and all the sizes still intact, I’ve not investigated in full, possibly inherited it from Husband’s ex-wife…It’s surplus to requirement as I have a Burda pattern in slightly larger sizes for the same sort of thing…


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FO: Matilda Jane (January)

A rare picture of me


When it comes to Ysolda Teague’s patterns I am,  a bit of a fan girl. All her knitwear looks stunning, different and is fun to knit. I love the architectural nature of the construction. HOWEVER, and this is a big however (hence the capitals) I have a sneaking suspicion, no a large suspicion that my body doesn’t love her patterns.

What looks good on Ysolda, does not look good on me as I go in and out a lot more, I look like a dork in rounded necks (which crop up quite often in her patterns, and my cleavage needs v necks)…and, and I can’t believe I am typing this but I may finally have reached the age where I have to confess that somethings are too young for me.

Take Matilda Jane. It has a lot of whimsical features such as the ribbon tie at the back, the leaf like lace pattern for the netband and the picot edging to the hem and sleeve…it is a lovely cardigan, but definitely a bit girly, a bit fairytale, a bit OTT. Well I love the OTT, theatrical nature of it, the fairytale…but I might not be able to pull it off any more…or this could all be in my mind and is all down to being sensible for the last 8 years and dressing in practical clothes that you can wipe down easily when covered with baby sick  (OK so that was mainly in the first 2 years, followed by 3 years of dealing with sticky fingers, the last 2.5 years haven’t been too bad)

Now with sewing if you are not sure over fit or style you can make a muslin, a quick and dirty mock up of what you are making. With knitting you don’t get that option because you put as much effort into the practice version as you do the finished object…well at least I can avoid making an expensive mistake even if I end up making a mistake.

Yarn:  Patons Smoothie DK in black and teal (100% acrylic)

Needles: Eventually settled on 3.75mm but it should have been 3.5mm

New:  Can’t remember…possibly the picot edging.

I started this in January but due to a lot of messing around to get gauge  it didn’t get finished until April as I put it down in frustration on the 31st January.  I’ve altered this from the pattern a lot as I couldn’t get gauge at 3.75mm, knitted half of it on 3.25mm before deciding it was too small and ripping it all back

Mods: Knitted a smaller size on 3.75mm and relying on the fact acrylic stretches to deal with any residual sizing issues. Decreased more at the waist than the patterns said. Knitted a bigger size for the hips and because I had to lengthen it to deal with a long back this gave me the length to put enough increases in to get the right number of stitches for bigger size

Like:  I actually like the picot edging

ick 011


I like the lace leaf at the neck and the ribbon ties at the back. I love my choice of buttons and the contrast of the 2 colours

ick 009


Dislikes: The fact that I managed to knit the button hole band longer than the button band and they don’t match up…and it’s not easy to reknit the button band…but mostly I dislike the fact that the ribbon at the back act likes a large arrow pointing out my more than ample posterior !002

Reserving judgement until  have reknitted the button band…and possibly lost a stone in weight…it felt strange wearing it…I felt oddly feminie for a change…and  think I like it !


Body Image and Reality

I don’t have a negative body image. Honest I don’t.  I love the body I imagine I have. My legs are 3 inches longer, calves not so pronounced and my waist is the 24 inches it was when I was at university, I am curvaceous but proportionately so…yes I love the imaginary me I really love the imaginary me.

 I have issues with the real me. The real me hates shopping for clothes because nothing fits. Nothing fits because clothes manufacturers make clothes for the average figure and there is nothing average about me. Clothes manufactures make blouses to fit a C cup…I’m an F/FF. My body fits into 3 different clothing sizes 14, 12 and 16, so as you can imagine I never ever buy dresses because they only fit where they touch! Trousers are a nightmare…if they fit in the hips then they are way to baggy in the waist and I look like a sack tied up with a bit of string if I cinch them in with a belt…which is still, (despite my now larger waist) cinched in to the very smallest hole in the belt… that’s of course if the trousers reach my waist, because it’s difficult to get any trousers these days that poke much above the groin area as most trousers are low rise… I hate the whole buying clothes experience so much that I just don’t do it. Which means that eventually after years and years of wearing the same thing over and over again, you  reach crisis point…really I can’t go on like this, there is nothing left but my underwear…

But then you can buy clothes I guess and alter them to fit…but if you are going to go through that sort of hassle then you may as well make them from scratch? (Let’s put aside for now my fear of taking a pair of scissors to something I have just spent a large sum of money on).

So why not make things from scratch? Ah yes you’re scared of cutting aren’t you and you have lost confidence in your ability to sew…err, actually no, I’ve been slowly beavering away here with my sewing machine getting practice in plus the corset course made me feel much better about what I produced, it made me realise I’m not a complete dunce, I can do it if I slow down and take my time.

So? OK so I admit it. I am scared of the tape measure. I spent a large amount of time waiting for Little Red in the City to come out, pre-ordered it, couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and yet, 6 months on I have made nothing. I have made nothing because every single pattern involves you taking accurate measurements of yourself. I also have at least 4 Colette patterns plus my new book but I have made nothing, because I have to measure myself.

It is quite one thing to say you accept your body, that you accept the fact you have a backside the size of Norfolk and a chest that could put someone’s eye out if you turn to quickly…plus that roll of fat around you waist. You can accept it. You can then ignore it on a daily basis and pretend it isn’t so and live happily in your imagination with the body image you… But now…now I have to steel myself to cold reality. Get the tape measure out and accept the cold certainness of the figures I will mark down in my book…because otherwise I will be naked by Christmas.

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FO: World cup hats

The rugby world cup started on friday night…it can be easy sometimes to forget when you have just stumbled through an english summer (such as it is) that other parts of the world may be just coming out of winter.

It was a casual conversation with a colleague M about the fact  the earthquake had meant that some of the England games had been relocated from Christchurch to Dunedin which was “so much further south then ?” , “er yes…and much colder” “That’s a point, they were reporting snow in Wellington the other day”.

Not wishing my colleague to catch her death (despite her being an England supporter) I knitted her a hat
(Spider looking far too cute in Robins Egg)

Then was afraid she might not like it so made her another(Husband in Ysolda Teague’s Cairn)

Still a bit concerned she might not like the hats I made a third…all in the space of 2 weeks(Spider in Lina)

I needn’t have worried, she was delighted and ended up taking both Lina and Robin’s Egg and only left Cairn as it had increased in size after being washed…Husband liked it.

(However I may go back to only making things for people who drop strong hints…less chance of having ones feelings hurt)

Oh, and Wales lost to South Africa earlier today…

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FO: Woodsmoke and Ripley

Sounds a bit like a firm of solicitors or makers of tabacco…actually it’s the name of two patterns I love  and have just made for 2 lovely people out of  yarns that  I love (well mostly)

Ripley has now headed off to Scotland (again, the first one I made went to Aberdeen) as a present for Travelling Ali. I learned from the last one I made and this time went for a much larger size but the beanie version rather than the one that looks a bit like santa’s christmas elf

Pattern: Ripley (Ysolda Teague)

Yarn: Toft Alpaca Aran (Chocolate)


New: Nothing this time except learning from previous mistakes

Woodsmoke is from Brave New Knits which is a collection of patterns contributed by knitters who have also kept influential blogs. Most of the photographs in their were taken by Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed) who also is the designer of this scarf.

When I first saw Woodsmoke I fell in love. in fact I fell in love with the whole book, but mostly with Woodsmoke.  But having now knit it I don’t think I will be making one for myself. Don’t get me wrong the final outcome is gorgeous but doing the border almost drove me over the edge into insanity…it is so tedious and there is SO much of it.

Pattern Woodsmoke (Jared Flood, Brave New Knits)

Yarn: Rowan Cashcotton 4ply (citron) and a sock yarn from Lidl

Needles: 3.25mm I think

New: If you knit a pattern you love, then for the first time out make it for yourself in case knitting puts you off knitting it again !

Woodsmoke is headed for another 40 year old friend, this one in Canada…once I have found her address from the chaos that is my home.