Being Frank…

Accepting my failings

The perfect skirt

I am on a search for the perfect skirt. The skirt that fits where it needs to and skims happily over the bits it shouldn’t fit. I would like to try and make a different skirt each month, and make at least 3 versions of each skirt but I’m not going to be prescriptive over it as this is meant to be fun and not a challenge.  At the end of the year, in theory I will end up with 36 skirts which would represent a substantial improvement on my existing wardrobe (I own about 5 skirts at the moment).

Below are the patterns I currently own, if when making any one of these I determine that the skirt shape and my body are not a good match then  I won’t make the other 2 versions…

  • Burda  long sweatshirt skirt (Jan 2013) – made 2 so far…February
  • Meg Nielsen DIY Maxi skirt
  • Pavlova Skirt
  • Ginger (Colette) – muslin
  • Meringue (Colette)
  • Wrap Skirt (New Look 6982)
  • Circle Skirt ( McCalls 5193)
  • Gertie’s Pencil Skirt
  • Charlotte (By Hand London)

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