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Daring to Dream


I hadn’t planned to fall off the edge of the world like this but I have been rather pre-occupied of late…partly with the 12 in 12 challenge (more of that another time) but mostly with something much more important…

 From time to time I have mentioned here that our neighbour (Wicked witch of the west) decided to dispute the boundary with us after she moved in half way through our building work (when the fences were down)…the last time I updated I think was about 18 months ago when we had just been through a mediation.

 Well, at the end of June we finally managed to get a builder in to finish off the remaining building work (as per the consent order)…it was not without incident but I am not going to dwell on that besides to say that instead of 2 days it took 2 weeks partly because of that woman, partly from the fact it rained the whole 2 weeks (my fault for booking builders during Wimbledon)

Anyway, the work is done. Since then we have put up fences…and finally, finally after so much waiting we are starting to get a garden…or 3 gardens, front, immediate back garden and the rear of the house… I was going to post photos but since I don’t have “before photos” anyone looking at our work in progress shots won’t realise there has been an improvement and will just think “man what a mess that garden is !”…besides things have not been  going quite as fast as we had hoped as most weekends it has been raining…

So next year, dare I dream it, there will be grass in the back garden, a herb garden by the back door and a boule court by the garage (a small boule court) !

In the meantime I still have quite a lot of builders debris and a pile of paving slabs waiting to be laid…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Daring to Dream

  1. Neighbours, bah! My idiot neighbour has been leaking water (and denying it) through our kitchen ceiling for more than a month and it took a fancy, expensive leak detection survey before the blinking washing machine was pulled out and he discovered the whole area was soaking wet. ‘Ironically’ despite us now having to dry out and replace our ceiling, he did even more damage to his kitchen.

    Good luck with the gardening, the herb garden sounds nice in particular. About the only thing I can grow reasonably well at the allotment is herbs but that’s not much use when I’m cooking and I need a quick pinch of rosemary. So when I get our garden done (fences down in mine to at the moment), I’m thinking herbs there to.

  2. Sorry to hear about your kitchen ceiling, hope it is fixed now at his expense

    Hearing about your allotment has kept me going for the last year or so…dead jealous of your space

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